5 Business Technologies You Need in 2017

New trends in business technologies are being predicted each year. This year 2017, a top market research firm, Gartner predicts that many companies worldwide will spend close to $3.5 trillion on new business technologies.

Every year, companies are generally expected to improve their use of technology by spending more on better software system and hardware. If your company is into manufacturing or any other production, then chances are you definitely need to quickly capitalize on new cutting-edge technologies if you hope to stay ahead of your competition.

Below are 5 business technologies you need in 2017:

1. Cloud

Cloud is the first on our list and you will quite agree with me. Cloud has been the technology rave for the past few years and yet, not all companies are investing in it or leveraging on its many benefits.

It has been proven that using cloud services offers new startups and big tech companies with many competitive advantages. One major advantage is that you will spend little to nothing in setting up new infrastructure.

Cloud gives big companies more efficiency and small startups a more scalable and secure environment. It greatly increases uptime, secures data, and reduces environmental impact.  Here is a video showing how cloud computing can help your small business.

2. Business Intelligence

Manipulating data is very crucial in any business setting because it boosts productivity by testing and analyzing a business system. This trend is even incorporated in Microsoft Office 365, which gives businesses the ability to manipulate data, discover vital information and generate key reports.

The ability to make use of existing data in new ways is necessary for this age of information.

3. Security

Any business is prone to security threats every now and then. Hence it is highly important that your security system is one the best available in the market. Even if you are just managing a small company, you are at still at risk of having your network infected with malicious software. Security is vital in not only protecting your data but also safeguarding your client’s data.

4. Virtualization

Virtualization is also very important for any successful business because, it lets you convert physical equipment into virtual, which ultimately allows you to consolidate equipment. It is environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective for technology growth.

5. Disaster and data recovery

What system has been put in place for data recovery after an unfortunate event? If your hardware suddenly breaks down, how fast can you recover the data stored on that device? If your network is down, how soon can you resume operations? You need to invest in an efficient backup and recovery technology system that will increase uptime by more than 50%.

While you may not be able to invest in all of the business technologies that come your way, it is however crucial that you strongly consider the technologies we discussed above because they can save space, reduce operation cost, improve your security system and boost your company production and sales.